Lipstick Queen Lipstick Mini Trio Review

Lipstick Queen Mini Lipstick Set

Yes, I also rubbed my eyes in disbelief first. I mean, who puts a green or even a blue lipstick on his lips? No one, right? This might be almost everyone’s thought on these little Lipsticks from Lipstick Queen. Instead of giving you a weird coloured lip, they create the most beautiful and natural stain you could even ask for. But let’s start from scratch.

The mini lipstick set includes the brands three best-selling lipsticks: Frog Prince, Hello Sailor and Medieval. I ordered the mini version for one good reason – I was unable to choose just one colour and this set is a great solution for everyone who thinks the same way as I do. The packaging is quite appealing and really suits the playful character of these lipsticks. As this is the mini version of the original Lipstick Queen lipsticks, it is super handy and fits even into the smallest bag. But let’s talk about the most fun part – the colour. Hello Sailor looks pretty scary first, but actually it creates a soft berry lip. Due to the blue colour your teeth appear a bit whiter and I guess this is something anyone approves with, right? Even if I like the texture and the soft tint I have to say and be honest with the fact that Hello Sailor is my last favorite one of them three. It feels like my skin tone is slightly too pale or my undertone too yellow, but I always look a bit ill with this one on my lips. I believe it will look great on those with darker skin tones oder fair paled gals. Medieval is a sheer red tone, hardly noticeable on the lip and looks very natural. It looks almost like freshly kissed lips due to the contained pigments and is suitable for almost every skin complexion. As well as Hello Sailor it is packed with pure Vitamin E for super soft lips. My favorite color is for sure Frog Prince. The green color changes your lips pH balance, leaves a unique pinky stain and emphasizes your natural lip color. This stain even stays on the lips after drinking and eating, which I love a lot. Frog Prince is like your natural lip, just a better version and gives you the needful freshness everyone is looking for. I like to compare this one to the Benefit Posiebalm and Dior Addict Lip Glow in Number 001.

From left to right: Hello Sailor, Frog Prince and Medieval

I really love the idea of color changing lipsticks. How fun is it to create your own unique lip color? Frog Prince ad Medieval are exactly the colors I reach for day by day, because they are lovely for everyday occasions. Even if I am not too pleased with Hello Sailor (it doesn’t suit me well, but that doesn’t mean it is a poor product, please don’t get me wrong), I am still satisfied with the purchase of the mini trio. For the price of 23 Euros I really can’t complain at all, if you consider that the price of the original version of the lipsticks is around 31 Euros. I will for sure extend my Lipstick Queen collection and I already casted an eye at the Frog Prince blush

I ordered my mini Trio via Niche-Beauty, but unfortunately it is sold out in their store. Luckily Sephora got some kits left in stock, as well as SpaceNK.