My Monthly Favorites: Serum and Essence

Serum Guide 1

A good skincare routine is the most essential thing to good skin. A good serum is an essential part in my daily skincare routine. Serums contain active ingredients and are known for their light texture, for that reason they are the perfect addition to your favorite moisturizer and your skincare routine in general. An essence is a light liquid that you put on a cotton pad and swipe it all over face to prepare the skin for the products. During the last month I have tried different kind of serums and essences and filtered out the ones I liked most.

Clarins is one of my all-time favorite brands in terms of beauty and cosmetics so it is hardly surprising that I start with two products of their range. The Double Serum is a real addicting product with a relaxing, pleasant scent. I apply it either in the morning after washing the skin and before moisturizer or in the evening, following by a thick layer of night cream or a facial oil. It soaks in almost immediately, so you don’t have to wait with your following skincare/makeup routine. I can’t really say much about the anti-ageing part because I don’t have any wrinkles yet, but the skin feels incredible firm. The Bi-Sérum Intensif „Anti-Soif“ of the HydraQuench range is more of a liquid serum. It absorbs also right away and leaves a fresh feeling on the skin that I highly enjoy. Sometimes I use the product on its own without a following moisturizer, the freshness it gives is just fabulous. I never tried it during the day, maybe I should give it a go and see if it works nicely under make-up. I have a tiny version of this as well and I love to bring this to the plane on long flights because it is so nourishing.

Asian skincare is more and more available on the european market and I am more than happy about this fact because let’s face it – they absolutely know their work. The next three products are from asian skincare brands that impressed me a lot, but I am also a little upset that I can’t get my hands on two of these brands here in Germany, at least my good old friend Google helped me out to order it online. Let’s start with the First Care Activating Serum Ex from Sulwhasoo. Some time ago, during a trip to Asia, I came across this brand and started a chat with the Sulwhasoo counter lady, where she told me the First Care Activating Serum is one of their flagship products and most loved by costumers. With this statement she got me right away and I had to take it home with me. After the first use I was very sceptical because of it’s herbal scent but my skin seemed to love it. I like to apply it in the evening and massage the product gently into the skin until it is fully absorbed. I honestly have to say that this serum is definitely doing what Sulwhasoo says it would do and it gives the best natural glow. Unfortunately I can’t see how much product is left in the bottle but I am for sure repurchasing this one. Another korean product I highly recommend is the Miracle Moisture from O Hui. It combines both, skin comfort and hydration. It works pretty well with the Sulwahsoo serum and I like to combine these two products, such a great match. Shiseido’s Ibuki Softening Concentrate is so lightweight that I tend to apply it in the morning. It gives the special softness to the skin and I think it prepares the skin optimally for the moisturizer. It contains a lot of fragrance but the scent disappears after a short time and doesn’t irritate at all.

The next product seems to have a special status in my skincare routine, or should I better say holy grail status? Anyway, the product I am talking about is the Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum. I discovered it some time ago and I am really convinced. After applying it you feel how the product starts to work, which means I feel a little tingle on my skin that stays for like 1 minute. This stuff delivers a subtle freshness to your complexion, that is why I like to use it in the morning as well. There is a full review post on the Lancôme serum coming soon. Let’s talk some more about brilliant Lancôme products. The most lightweight essence I have ever used is the Lancôme Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturising Beauty Essence. I bought it as an addition to the Hydra Zen Masque and I wasn’t really expecting too much, but I am delighted by its effect. In my opinion, you achieve the best result when you apply it to slightly damp skin, because it absorbs in basically no time and leaves the skin particularly luminous.

It always depends on the day, my mood and my daily skin texture which product I go for. Unfortunately you have only one face but so many nice products you want to use…