Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream And Magic Eye Rescue


Charlotte Tilbury is a fantastic make-up artist and her make up range is absolutely fantastic as well. I have my own little Charlotte Tilbury make up collection that I love and I really enjoy watching her YouTube videos because she is doing a stunning job. The typical Instagram make up is super popular presently (you know, the heavy contouring, perfect eyebrows, false lashes, et cetera.) but Charlotte creates flawless looks with just two handful of products. I asked myself if her skin care line is as good as her decorative cosmetics, so today’s post is dedicated to scrutinize “Charlotte’s Magic Cream” and “Magic Eye Rescue”. I admit, Charlotte got me with the word “magic”. That sounds very promising, right? Besides that, the packaging looks incredibly luxurious and a sheer tube with a rosé gold lid looks quite impressive in every bathroom.

CharlotteTilbury 3

Charlotte’s Magic Cream, 50ml/1.7 fl.oz, €90

The Magic Cream contains a secret formula which supposedly “floods the skin with moisture” and improves the complexion. The cream is enriched with anti-aging Bio-Nymph Peptide Complex to stimulate the collagen production while Hyaluronic Acid spends moisture and plumps the skin. It also has Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E and Camellia Oil contained for a youthful complexion. On top of that the cream is free of paraben and has an SPF of 15 therefore it is great for the daytime. The texture is very thick and the smell is soft, somehow comforting. In some point the smell feels a bit familiar to me and reminds me of the characteristic Nivea scent. This might just be my opinion but it was definitely the first thought that came to my mind.

If you have really dry, dull and dehydrated skin the Magic Cream is perfect for you, but for my skin condition it doesn’t work at all. The Magic Cream is apparently suited to every skin type but I can’t approve to that point. It is by all means only for people with dry to very dry skin. I bought the cream around one year ago when my skin condition was a dry/dry combination one and I always tried it over and over again in hope it would really work its magic. First of all it doesn’t sink into the skin nor does it leave my skin dewy, no, it just gives me a greasy complexion. Second off due to the greasiness it makes a make up application impossible. It locks my pores and makes them appear big and noticeable. I even tried it with the Magic Foundation but the cream did not connect to it at all. Believe me, I would really like to say that I love it but I always got disappointed each time I tried it.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t say that this is a horrible product and prevent you from purchasing the Magic Cream you just need the right skin condition for it. I read so many great reviews about this product so it definitely works its magic but unfortunately not on me. The price is definitely heavy so if you think of making a purchase please, please get a sample first and check if it works for you. There is also a Magic Night Cream available.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Magic Eye Rescue

Magic Eye Rescue, 15ml/0.50 fl.oz, €55

The Magic Eye Rescue features a lot of anti-ageing ingredients such as Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract as well as rose wax and almond oil to hydrate the skin. It contains soft focus nano-particles which blurs away any lines and smooths out the under eye area. Well, it is fully packed with ingredients to “slow down the ticking time bomb of ageing”. As well as Charlotte’s Magic Cream the Magic Eye Rescue’s texture is quite thick but the product warms up perfectly between the fingertips. It is also pretty much odourless.

I was so unhappy with the Magic Cream that I was super sceptical to try the Magic Eye Rescue but thank god I did because now I know better. The Magic Eye Rescue is a fantastic eye cream and does a great job. If you look for a cream that sinks in immediately you might not be the biggest fan of the Magic Eye Rescue. The texture is dense and the skin needs its time to absorb the product. I usually wait five to ten minutes to continue with make up. I have tried a lot of different eye creams and I often experienced it that the concealer slips around and doesn’t last at all. The Magic Eye Rescue creates a flawless base, my concealer never creases and stays in place throughout the entire day. It is great for the daytime to moisture the eye part but it is even better for the nighttime. In the morning, my eye area still feels incredibly moisturised and soft like a baby’s bottom. It is obviously not a magic cure but the under eye part looks smooth and fresh and I think it supports the skins elasticity to prevent wrinkles.

For my own part, the Magic Eye Rescue gets a huge recommendation and I will definitely buy another tube of this one. There is only one negative thing I would like to point out. The product itself and also the packaging is indeed luxurious but I don’t understand why these tubes (both the Magic Cream and Magic Eye Rescue) come without a spatula. Even if I wash my hands each time before I use the product I perceive it as unhygienic, especially for the expensive price. I guess that needs a little improvement.

What do you think about Charlotte Tilbury’s skin care line?