Clinique Take The Day Off Range Favorites

Clinique Take The Day Off

Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips, Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Balm

If you’d ask me what step of my skincare routine is the one that’s most important to me I’d say it’s cleansing. Without thinking. As this first part is so essential you therefore need to do it properly, otherwise the following routine is absolutely pointless. Even if I try many different cleansers I still come back to my favorites eventually. Clinique is one of the first skincare brands I have ever tried and their products still have a special worth for me since they never disappointed me. The TTDO range is my favorite cleansing range from Clinique, suitable for every skin type and 100% fragrance free!

Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Eyes

Makeup removers can be quite greasy, some slip into the eyes and for that reason I don’t use those too frequently but if I need one (waterproof mascara sends its regards) it is this Clinique remover. It literally takes the layers of mascara, eye shadow and lipstick off in no time and leaves the eyes irritation-free. This remover is also the very first step in my routine and it is necessary to wash the face afterwards since it contains oil. Also, the product is allergy and ophthalmologist tested and appropriate for contact lens wearers.

Cleansing Oil

Oh, precious cleansing oil… My skincare routine always includes a cleansing oil (or balm but we’ll get to that later 🙂 ). I use sunscreen and makeup every day and there is no better way to get rid of the daily residues than using a cleansing oil and clear up the skin. I use it as the first cleanser in my routine, apply it on the dry skin and massage my face until all the make up loosens up. Even if it is an “oil” it is great for combination to oily skin as well, it protects the skin barrier. The dispenser is very handy and you can easily dose the product. I read a lot of bad reviews about the Clinique TTDO Cleansing Oil. The main reason why people gave it a poor review is that they felt the skin was still oily or feeling oily after use. Well, to make sure your skin is deeply clean you need to do a double cleanse. In my opinion it is definitely not clean deep into the pores after only one cleanse. That was my point in the first paragraph. Anyway, the Cleansing Oil is lovely, has a great tolerance and is very gentle to the skin.

Clinique Take The Day Off

Cleansing Balm

One of the few products I will probably (and hopefully) never get tired of. It is just fantastic and the best cleansing balm on the market for every skin type, hands down. The Cleansing Oil has a great cleansing performance but the Cleansing Balm is a little bit better for me. Maybe it is just a matter of taste which consistency you prefer. I adore this solid balm that transforms into a creamy soft texture thats glides over the skin. And again, I recommend a second cleanse after using the balm. The balm is excellent for sensitive skin but also for acne-prone skin, I speak from personal experience. Besides cleaning the skin I use the balm to massage my face every two weeks. If you are curious about the facial massage and want to find out more about the topic follow this link!

The TTDO range actually contains three more product, a Makeup Remover Stick, Cleansing Milk and Micellar Cleansing Towelettes For Face & Eyes.

I would love to know if you also tried one of the products from Clinique’s Take The Day Off range or what cleansing products you swear by! Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂