Skincare For Sensitiv Skin: Sönd

Skincare For Sensitiv Skin: Sönd

Sensitive skin can be absolutely tough to deal with. I speak from experience and I also know exactly how hard it is to find the right product to soothe and heal your skin in times of need. Let me introduce you to Sönd, a UK-based skincare brand which is specialised in creating products for sensitive skin. The products contain a special key ingredient which makes them pure and effective: Silica. Silica is a mineral which is naturally found in fruits, vegetables, the human body and in the earth itself. The essential mineral plays an important role for maintaining our bones, blood vessels, teeth, and of course skin, hair and nails. As we age the natural amount of silica in the body starts to decrease and supplements are the best way to sustain this amount.

Skincare For Sensitiv Skin: Sönd

I am using silica gel and balsam for quite a while now and the impact is fantastic, especially for my sensitive, acne-prone skin or any occurring irritation. These are the only silica “skincare” products I ever used, so I guess I don’t have to explain my excitement once the Sönd parcel arrived 🙂

Gentle Daily Cleanser, £22.00

The Gentle Daily Cleanser is indeed very gentle and a dream for sensitive skin, I would say even for the highly sensitive skin types. My skin shows an immediate reaction whenever a product is too harsh or too rich in texture, but not with this cleanser. I integrated it into my double cleanse routine as my second cleanser since the creamy, milky texture is perfect for the second step. There is no greasiness nor residue on the skin after washing it off. The skin feels soft, clean, nourished and fresh. Due to the soft consistency and calming effect I assume you can easily use it for a facial massage. The Gentle Daily Cleanser has a formulation of natural ingredients like Shea and Cacao butter to protect the skins natural barrier and the smell is delicate, gentle and utterly calming.

Hydrating Face Spray, £24.00

Who doesn’t love a good facial spray? The Hydrate + Refresh spray is a great facial spray if you need a quick dose of hydration, a refreshment or a splash to soothe your skin. The hydrating effect is amazing for everyone with dry skin as well. As someone who loves to travel I always like to buy facial sprays that are suitable for traveling. This spray comes in a 100ml bottle which makes it perfect to bring with you on the plane and as well as that, I believe it takes really good care of your skin on flights. It is way more moisturizing than the average facial spray you can get at pharmacies, for example. The Hydrating Face Spray has no noticeable scent at all, it is just refreshing.

Revitalising Face Serum, £42.00

The Revitalising Face Serum contains only 10 ingredients and two of them are, of course, silica and sodium hyaluronate. We all won’t – as is generally known – become younger, so sodium hyaluronate is great for anti-ageing since it is a natural moisturising mechanism of the skin. I don’t have blemish free skin at the moment but I still wanted to see if the product works for my skin condition right now and I have to say – it does 🙂 So far I am really impressed, my skin is smooth and I it feels more plump. I usually use pure hyaluronic acid to nourish my skin but now I have another product that satisfies me just as much. Also, the serum is very light on the skin, sinks in right away and has no smell at all. I am aware of the fact that I only use it for a short time and for now I obviously don’t see any differences on how the silica works for my acne, but I keep a close eye on that and have kind of high hopes after reading some reviews. Fingers crossed!

Energising Mineral Supplements, £28.00

Sönd believes that “the health of skin is determined from the inside out, which is why we are taking a dual approach with skincare products and supplements that help our bodies provide our skin with the nutrition it needs.” Silica capsules nourish the skin from within with a dose of 2 capsules daily. Apart from quartz silica, its most natural form, the supplement contains magnesium, calcium and vitamin E. Silica is essential for magnesium and calcium in the body since it promotes their mineral balance which is allegedly excellent for balance your hormonal balance as well, so another perfect product for me! Vitamin E is a great antioxidant for the cells and protects the skin.

Well, what else is there to say? I am deeply convinced by the product I have tried so far, especially the Revitalising Face Serum, I really like this one. I didn’t know how my skin would react, if I’d get a breakout or if my skin would be fine with it but I am satisfied with the effect the products have on my skin and I am incredibly curious about the impact of the silica capsules.

You find all mentioned products on Sönds website.

Many thanks to Sönd for sending me these products to try.